Sexual apathy.
The causes may vary from person to person. First, you must ask for advice to a doctor who specializes in the subject. If there is nothing that proves emotional or organic diseases, do not worry. If we consider this case from the point of view of the Knowledge of theTruths, this means that some Energies Resist their bodies to practice sex (generally, in men). The situation will last as long as they Consider it convenient.
Do not imagine bigger problems nor force the act. The Energetic motives are plausible so in no way they can be Harmful for the Energy or the body. On the contrary, feel grateful about that.


Fear to death.
It is interesting to analyze the inquires. Make them. If the Energy is with “God, resting in Peace”, and everything else that people believe, there should not be any reason for fears. Then, fear, panic, why? As They perfectly know that something completely different from that believed by humanity is Waiting for Them. A cunning blockage between the Energies and the consciences of the material bodies impede Them to Emit Their painful realities to the physical body. Sometimes, They are able to achieve it, but for that, a Tremendous effort is needed. Poor dreamy Energies!

Continuing with the answers

  1. Humanoids similar to "God"? An example: They are all those who had THE LIGHT in front of them and denied HER. Incontestable images and resemblances.
  2. I was, and I am still a lecturer, but only in Brazil-Argentina.
  3. Yes. There are Energies that are Prisoners in different animals, something that is easy to perceive. For that reason, we hear the expressions: - "It seems it is thinking!" - "How clever it is!"
  4. Lineamiento Universal Superior (L.U.S.) never had a head office out of Argentina.
  5. Absurd speculations! That Children or adults with physical defects -of birth or not- does not mean that the Energies Are Marked as nefarious.