I would prefer not to talk about the subject, though if I did not, I would cause that there could Be an energetic Claim due to the omission of the answer when the Day of the Final Judgment Arrives, and I would have failed in my duty.
The tragedy that the reader mentions, gathered up only those Energies Programmed for that fatality. Those Energies that were Turned aside did not Have that Destiny.
The explanation is extensive. I will try to summarize it.
Being the Earth -as it is- under the Direction of the Deniers of the Universal Evolutive Laws, it is very unusual for the Light to Interfere in the energetic Programmings, but She does (as scientist and other cases can be recalled). So that, in a fraction of a few seconds, She Captures the Energy and Modifies part of what was Programmed. The alterations can occur Before or during the material Manifestation. Such a thing has not been happening since some time ago, unless the materialized Energy Shows Real Merit. Which is the way? It is easy!
Since a tender age, we learn to distinguish what is right or wrong. The physical mind is fundamental for the deed to become true. If it obeys the dignity patterns, it will be collaborating significantly with the Energy to be required by the Light at the Time of the universal Closure of the cycle. Otherwise, the Darkness will take Charge of the Energy, even in this plane and: Beyond.
"I think" that the word Omniscient, as well as other attributes, do not fit him, and such things Never existed, as He did not "know" about the advantages that Adam and Eva would enjoy by eating the "apple". Or... could this be another one of the deliberate tricks to call them sinners and send them into exile? If I know that sweets will not be rejected, I would never leave them at hand to punish whoever took them afterwards. And you?
This planet was not -as humanity assumes- the Creation of what they call "God".
Light Individualities in another Love gesture, Gave of Part of Themselves so that the Energies could Manifest in the Direction of Evolution without ever Knowing the pain. This Task was assigned to the Care of a Primary Individuality, that Should follow the THE LAWS OF LOVE, and that HE TRANSGRESSED THEM.

The details make those who are not "dead" to feel a deep emotion.
They ask: How do the Energies receive the candles, prays, masses, flowers, etc?
The answer may be unpleasant, but I have to give it.
The Energy is cosmic strength and absolute support of the matter that She occupies. It was already explained that we depend on Her to exist, and She depends on the conscience of the physical bodies not to "fall in a temptation".
The offerings mentioned above that are dedicated to those beings that Left with affection and innocence, mean nothing to the Energies, as long as They pass to a different vibration field from which They Were. Even in the matter, every love gesture is welcomed and it is protected in the energetic Reservoir.
I used the plural (consciences of the physical bodies) as every Energy needs from the other consciences that are around Her too, that is to say: Healthy intellects... Grateful Energies.