Now I will attend the readers.


  1. It is real. Underneath the oceans there are lots of refuges where the Crew and their Ships use totake shelter.
  2. No. Those known names (flying saucer, ovni, ufo and so on) are different from those used by the Cosmic Beings. They name them: Mobile Plasmatic Energetic Centers. CEPOM. (CEPOM in Portuguese: Centros Energéticos Plasmáticos Móveis).
  3. It depends. Commanders of Ships who Work on behalf of the Light are cautious not to upset the emotional and physical system, of human beings, whereas their Opponents do not care as they are fond of inhumane behaviuor.
  4. Wars are constant between Light and Darkness. Armaments? Incomparable and without any possibility of being idealized, not even by the most brilliant imagination, nor through fiction.
  5. The Energies communicate by means of Vibration. They do not need words.


  1. They must be avoided for all those who are not lifeless. Why? Because those are the favorite places of countless highly Dangerous Energies that Project their “Keys” to Activate harmful Triangulations for those unwary living beings who are walking around a cemetery.
  2. I give your question a clap. The explanation is simple. The lifeless bodies that in spite of the passing of time, did not decomposed, it is because the Energy that Saw the ending of her Programming refuses to be Re-programmed. So, She decided to be next to her matter and keep on Feeding it. Besides, the Energy feels grateful to those who were her relatives and friends in the material life, for not having maltreated her, and consequently not contributing to her Suffering. Any Energy detected as Deserter, will remain in that state and will not reincarnate Again. The Opponents to the Light, consider this as another punishment, and in some way it is. The "Keys" are Pulled off and they do not Triangulate. No human being could survive untouched without the Energetic supporting him.
  3. Very accurate. You read between the lines. I am glad to know that I have collaborated with you to alleviate your worries. Enjoy the relief.

Trip to the Moon. Lunatics?

  1. No! do not name the astronauts as lunatics. In fact, the "Goddess" of the romantic and passionate people, was visited. Happily, the clothes that the astronauts wore, saved them from the contamination of terrifying viruses -not yet know here- that live in the Moon freely.

Another kind of life? It exists. Their Ships are there concentrated. The Responsible of the evil Creation, obviously do not get Contaminated. They feel accustomed, and “very friendly”.