L.U.S. Lineamiento Universal Superior, non profit Civil Association.
The Press, in general, insists on mentioning me as the leader of a sect. Yes, we are a sect, but absolutely different from what is commonly meant by that deteriorated expression. The Lineamiento has its doors open to whoever is interested in.
I ask the reader not jump to conclusions about the non detailed information. A matter of questioning could be -for instance- the reason that impedes the Light to intervene in those ill-fated events originated in this plane. The Answers exist. They are extensive, rich in details and they will appear in the next book ("Mêmore").
Programming against the physical Mind.
Rapes. Masochism and similar events.
Nowadays we are invaded by shocking reports on rapes. Such facts, as well as sadomasochism and similar things, are not included in the Programming. They are originated in the physical minds, with the exception of some unusual cases.
Simply and sincerely, I ask those people specialized on the subject (Universe), not to feel your egos hurt for finding the Answers through somebody who appears to be a common woman.


For those interested, that via email request more information about the High Universal Knowledge, I want to inform that your requests will be attended among the possibilities, though, the Answers will be synthesized.
To detail them would fill in spaces that I have to use to clarify the biggest number possible of doubts.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer either, to readers requesting my opinion about material written by third parties, even when some parts might be compatible with the Truths.