A long time ago, someone told me:
“Do not give pearls to the pigs! After eating them, they will turn against you.”
I was conscious of the “stones” that they would throw to me. So much I was that I registered the fact in my first book (1985). However, I took the risk and I do not regret it, as among the “pigs” I found “buds” that could not bloom, “glow-worms”, dying “birds” and other rare specimens. They were Energies (souls) that could hardly stand, but they Got it: The “buds" turned into scented flowers, the “glow-worms” shone brightly, and the “birds”? They sang again.
To be observed in the cosmic manifestation: VICTORY - THANKS (02/1984) the corroboration of the warnings about the tragedies that would take place and that have affected humanity since the past. They are rapes, floods, inconceivable tragedies, uneasiness, deaths, traffic jams, suicides, riots, injustice, shouts, moans, ignored tears, not listened begs, unknown diseases (avian and swine flues), and more. Is there any way to deny it?
Today - 04/24 - the information was given to me: Swine flu will be controlled. (sic)
And who can assure that any other unknown disease, will not emerge in a short time?

The question would be: Can this world be a world Planned by Light Beings? I affirm that it is not.

If the reader does not agree with what I say, the fast passing of the time will prove who is right.