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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 00:38

To Stop - To Fail - To Walk.

I am conscious of the reality I live in, or am I lying to myself?
I Was told that I must think. Then, I stop a little bit in the way. But… Someone had also told me that I must not stop or I will be left behind. What do I do? I know! I will continue going forward, because nothing impedes me to be a thinking voyager. I analyze: If I stop in the middle of the way, I will be becoming conscious of the place where I stopped. Then, if I do not think over about the direction in which I walk, what would I be doing?
Undervaluing TO WHOM GENERATED Me and forgetting about that Friend that impelled me to walk.
What happened to me? I abandoned myself to prejudgment and I came across over tortuous paths, beyond the objectives that I was supposed to reach. And for allowing myself to listen to bad influences, I neglected myself!

The fight is purely individual. Meanwhile, we must not forget that if we fight together the strength will be bigger; and the failing will be defeated.
To stop requires wisdom and prudence to decompound the direction to be followed and what is being trodden. To walk, not like a hallucinated. To walk knowing that no psychological crutches are needed to shelter. To become conscious of the exact moment where oneself stopped. To analyze carefully the whys. To recognize, even the own mistakes and, with all the strength to go back where oneself stopped. That is the only way to be able to re-initiate the walk.
I knew many who failed. As I manifested in the matter so many times, I proved that the failure is not a crime itself.
Defendant is the one that subjected to his immoderate unconsciousness, preferred to stop in the middle of the way, even when knowing that he will approximate to famishing abysses, that undoubtedly, wait to devour him.

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