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Energetic Transference
This is the terminology we use when the Energy leaves the material Manifestation. When passing into another vibrational field; She Transferred.
From the very moment the Transference takes place, absolutely ALL the Energies Need not have their Memories Activated and constantly reminding Them of the actions and facts of the matter that They Occupied. I am not telling you to get your beloved beings or acquaintances off your mind. I will explain it: By mentioning the names that They Occupied in the matter and, by recalling past circumstances -even the pleasant ones – you will be forcing Them to Revive their Memories, and you will be subsequently provoking, even greater Suffering to Them.
There was an Energy of Light which Materialized thousands of years ago, and humanity continues contributing in such a way that She Cannot Forget Her Martyrization.

Silence, many times, demonstrates greater sentiment than the words thrown to the wind.

This topic is quite advanced and unquestionable. There is not even a way to give rise to the explanations through these sites. They will be detailed in the next book: “Mêmore”.

It was not easy. First of all, it was shocking to believe I was faced with evil entities.
The reason why? Because I was subjugated by the commandments of the “Divine” laws, I used to pray for everything and for nothing. You can Imagine my fear when I heard a voice severely telling me: “Stop praying!”
I ignored it and prayed more fervently. I did not want to have any conversation or any type of contact with exus*.
They said goodbye leaving me in tears and with rebellious thoughts against Them.
As I did Not have a way to avoid Them, days later, They came back. Filled with patience, They explained me that prayers and similar were inventions of humanity, and that they did not have a Valuable meaning for The Light.

If only I could, in this space, tell about everything that I have learned… By having left my mind open to listen and to assimilate, being able, this way able to know about the True Origins... Understanding the reason of all the whys... Feeling safe to walk freely in between the multitude, sheltered by the Truths... Having left behind the groundless fears... Telling what was modified not only in my life... And so much more...

If only I could… Here!

*Entity known in spiritism, who can do well or evil.

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