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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 00:38

How to differentiate the Energies.
This, is one of the most solicited questions.
The physical conscious, will demonstrate if it is or not, collaborating with "its" Energy, in a Beneficial or in a Negative manner. Although there are a lot of ways to do it, it is not difficult to detect them. Observe the behavior of every human being, taking into consideration if the aggressiveness is originated due to a temporary problem, or if it is constant and unjustified. In this case, understanding is demanded, since the Energy feels difficulty to expose her need for help, coming from the matter. She Might be in pact with the negative or rejecting it. How? i.e.: If somebody likes to swim beyond the maritime coast and, even though he is prevented of the dangers, he becomes irritated and continues swimming, believing in his supposed self-sufficiency. The error is shown, yet, he won’t stop doing it until or almost drowning or perishing, when it will be too late to understand that he was being protected.
Punishments or threats should never exist. If it is necessary to bring something to someone's attention, it should be done in a clear way, and for a good purpose. Much is going to depend on the comprehension, love and patience; extreme and constant patience of those who live closely, to attain favorable results. Energy is not a toy that stays forgotten in a corner, when She is the one who Sustains our material lives. Help Them.

  1. By these means, it is not possible to develop the Answers as they were solicited and as I would like to, due to the fact that they are rich in details and the space would extend for kilometers. I synthesize them -which it has not been easy- and I try to introduce them in a way that it is simple to understand by the readers.
  2. Yes. I am the primogenital and an heiress by Law, which takes me to claim my financial rights too. If I did not do it nor will do it, is because I was not recognized by love, and even if it would be the biggest of the fortunes, it will not modify my thought.*

* I am not making this statement to "appear". I am answering what had been asked to me. At the same time, even from the distance, you can get to know me.

Remember: "To be, is not an emotional question but, a way of behaviuor."

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