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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 00:38


The night wraps itself in a lugubrious blanket, and the world prepares to sleep.
The silence does its part, helping millions of eyes to be covered and sightless. The moon not always arises, because shady clouds lead to storms that pitilessly whip the ones who wish to repose. The firmament that should continuously gleam, darkens stimulating the ones who appreciate to sleep.
Tell me night: Who Programmed you for this eternal obscurity? Was it your wish or something imposed? Ah… You asked for it and you approved the experience. But, for your benefit, listen to my words: Back down while there is still time and wake up, because you do not lack strength. Wake up! do not nourish the ones who stopped you in the sleepiness. Tear apart the veils that cover you and perceive that you were not like this, but a shinning brightness.
Understand that I am not speaking about the sun's luminosity, but of the Splendor of the Light that you are able to remember, because It is in your Memories. do not continue obfuscating Her because you would be letting your allowed opportunity, to become Day again, pass by. Go on and open your eyes and impregnate yourself with desperation, of what never again will repeat in your Center.
I do not ask that you believe in me. It is enough that you observe around you and prove once for all, the impossibility to walk happily and freely, beneath darkness. Meanwhile, if you wish to debate with yourself and suffer, then suffer. Bend your head and recognize that you are pusillanimous, and I will not be able to do anything else in your favor.
Do you know THE REASON?

Valentina de Andrade
Londrina, 06/17/2009

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