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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 00:38


Time? I ask you for permission and I excuse myself if I interrupt your manifestation, but I cannot hold back the force that emerges from my feelings. I want to speak and I will do it once more, to the Biggest Denier of the LIGHT-LOVE-TRUTH (LUZ-AMOR-VERDADE) and, I demand that his Enthusiasts listen to me as well.
So many times I questioned your Manifestation disapproving your follies, that I continue to prove. So many anguishes, sorrows, pain, abnormalities, fears, violence, inconceivable deaths, disturbances and all the other slaughters that you have poured over the humanity. I commiserate when I see the thinking-beings, but unconscious, to kneel down before their fellow men waiting for forgiveness. Do you see? Even debilitated and sustaining the torture, they are still looking desperately for some minimal peace and love. Poor humanity!
It is impossible to conceive what you have done and what you continue to do. Yes, you are questionable and I am not afraid to point at you. The beings fear your punishment and accommodate themselves in the silence, accepting peacefully the mortifications that they receive. You inflicted such fear in the creatures, that they bend themselves frightened, leaving everything at your will, without meditating that by handing their lives to someone else, they won’t be able to claim anything, yet they will be allowing their paths to be, as someone else decides they will be. So much unconsciousness! You made the humanity believe that you are Omniscient, when in reality you are nothing but a Deficient and Conscious Denier.
I know that you Revolt with the weight of my words and I will continue: you have Never been my owner and you Never Will be. I was at your feet, credulous and innocent about your lack of decency, however, not from today, I made use of the lethargic rationality and I awoke. You were known as Omnipotent, because that is how you Decided and they believed. Now, I am the one who tells you:

If you Bear or Accumulate The Power that you have declared you had, you would not be Desperate Seeing your Plans Fail beneath the Sword of the Truths.

Manifestation taking place in Londrina, on 09/16/2008

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