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June 12th, 2009
Another month passed by! Nor I perceived the running of time. It did not mean to me either, a month just like the others. They were 31 days of a constant long lasting work, to turn another "dream" into reality, for the good of a the humanity. And here I see it engraved.
Yes, I have taken a good advantage of my time. Not as a usual work, that at the end of the month is compensated with an envelope containing a short pay. Although thus, it was as I thought it would be, when my "envelope" arrived. The truth is that I was expectant if I would be able to please the “owners”, that neither fleeting I saw them. Also, the “Company” that hired me is gigantic! According to what one of the renowned staff members informs me, - “Mr. Google” - up to the moment, according to the amount of accesses, she was able to reach other countries besides Brazil, such as: Argentina, Chile, the United States, Israel, Spain, Norway, Uruguay, France, the United Kingdom and Mexico.
And I continued working. In a few days I perceived that they looked sideways at me. I deduced that they did not trust that I would develop the undertaking that was assigned to me. And it did not finish there. I would have to administer other two departments as well, whose languages were strange to me. But, I felt relieved when I knew that apprentice translators, would collaborate with me. And I sent myself to the task. The commentaries arrived favorable, and the search for my work increased minute by minute, day after day. I reached the ecstasy and I whispered a beautiful melody.
Today then, what a pleasant surprise when receiving my "salary"! I opened the three "envelopes" and it was hard for me to believe that: It contained a Treasure: Almost 10,000 "gold nuggets".

Yes, They are materialized Energies that Started to Know the Truths.

To those less clarified users: The words between quotation marks, are to be read them in a figurative sense.

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