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A long time ago, someone told me:
“Do not give pearls to the pigs! After eating them, they will turn against you.”
I was conscious of the “stones” that they would throw to me. So much I was that I registered the fact in my first book (1985). However, I took the risk and I do not regret it, as among the “pigs” I found “buds” that could not bloom, “glow-worms”, dying “birds” and other rare specimens. They were Energies (souls) that could hardly stand, but they Got it: The “buds" turned into scented flowers, the “glow-worms” shone brightly, and the “birds”? They sang again.
To be observed in the cosmic manifestation: VICTORY - THANKS (02/1984) the corroboration of the warnings about the tragedies that would take place and that have affected humanity since the past. They are rapes, floods, inconceivable tragedies, uneasiness, deaths, traffic jams, suicides, riots, injustice, shouts, moans, ignored tears, not listened begs, unknown diseases (avian and swine flues), and more. Is there any way to deny it?
Today - 04/24 - the information was given to me: Swine flu will be controlled. (sic)
And who can assure that any other unknown disease, will not emerge in a short time?

The question would be: Can this world be a world Planned by Light Beings? I affirm that it is not.

If the reader does not agree with what I say, the fast passing of the time will prove who is right.

L.U.S. Lineamiento Universal Superior, non profit Civil Association.
The Press, in general, insists on mentioning me as the leader of a sect. Yes, we are a sect, but absolutely different from what is commonly meant by that deteriorated expression. The Lineamiento has its doors open to whoever is interested in.
I ask the reader not jump to conclusions about the non detailed information. A matter of questioning could be -for instance- the reason that impedes the Light to intervene in those ill-fated events originated in this plane. The Answers exist. They are extensive, rich in details and they will appear in the next book ("Mêmore").
Programming against the physical Mind.
Rapes. Masochism and similar events.
Nowadays we are invaded by shocking reports on rapes. Such facts, as well as sadomasochism and similar things, are not included in the Programming. They are originated in the physical minds, with the exception of some unusual cases.
Simply and sincerely, I ask those people specialized on the subject (Universe), not to feel your egos hurt for finding the Answers through somebody who appears to be a common woman.


For those interested, that via email request more information about the High Universal Knowledge, I want to inform that your requests will be attended among the possibilities, though, the Answers will be synthesized.
To detail them would fill in spaces that I have to use to clarify the biggest number possible of doubts.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer either, to readers requesting my opinion about material written by third parties, even when some parts might be compatible with the Truths.

Now I will attend the readers.

  1. It is real. Underneath the oceans there are lots of refuges where the Crew and their Ships use totake shelter.
  2. No. Those known names (flying saucer, ovni, ufo and so on) are different from those used by the Cosmic Beings. They name them: Mobile Plasmatic Energetic Centers. CEPOM. (CEPOM in Portuguese: Centros Energéticos Plasmáticos Móveis).
  3. It depends. Commanders of Ships who Work on behalf of the Light are cautious not to upset the emotional and physical system, of human beings, whereas their Opponents do not care as they are fond of inhumane behaviuor.
  4. Wars are constant between Light and Darkness. Armaments? Incomparable and without any possibility of being idealized, not even by the most brilliant imagination, nor through fiction.
  5. The Energies communicate by means of Vibration. They do not need words.


  1. They must be avoided for all those who are not lifeless. Why? Because those are the favorite places of countless highly Dangerous Energies that Project their “Keys” to Activate harmful Triangulations for those unwary living beings who are walking around a cemetery.
  2. I give your question a clap. The explanation is simple. The lifeless bodies that in spite of the passing of time, did not decomposed, it is because the Energy that Saw the ending of her Programming refuses to be Re-programmed. So, She decided to be next to her matter and keep on Feeding it. Besides, the Energy feels grateful to those who were her relatives and friends in the material life, for not having maltreated her, and consequently not contributing to her Suffering. Any Energy detected as Deserter, will remain in that state and will not reincarnate Again. The Opponents to the Light, consider this as another punishment, and in some way it is. The "Keys" are Pulled off and they do not Triangulate. No human being could survive untouched without the Energetic supporting him.
  3. Very accurate. You read between the lines. I am glad to know that I have collaborated with you to alleviate your worries. Enjoy the relief.

Trip to the Moon. Lunatics?

  1. No! do not name the astronauts as lunatics. In fact, the "Goddess" of the romantic and passionate people, was visited. Happily, the clothes that the astronauts wore, saved them from the contamination of terrifying viruses -not yet know here- that live in the Moon freely.

Another kind of life? It exists. Their Ships are there concentrated. The Responsible of the evil Creation, obviously do not get Contaminated. They feel accustomed, and “very friendly”.

May 27th, 2009
The anniversary of the date in which I was led to freedom and comprehension of all the whys and wherefores, is getting closer. I keep on questioning without distrust as there are no forbidden subjects, and thus the answers come to me in abundance.
The contacts with Light Individualities are constant, They do not omit to show gratitude for the constant and difficult MISSION that I have voluntarily offered myself to do, and feel duty-bound to fulfill.

I have learnt a lot, even though, I do not let myself stop.
I am still questioning, because those who let the grass grow under their feet, arrive nowhere.
Soon it will be 28 years of unequal fight (see the manifest: I ACCUSE).
Even though, they could not nor will be able to defeat me.
I succeed in beating traps, and I will keep on unfurling, the Flag of the Truths.
Londrina, May 22nd, 2009 18.30hs

Obviously, this is a date that deserves a meeting with my friends, and we will drink a toast TO LIGHT, and also to the physical consciousness that did not hesitate to honor the Truths.
Consequently, ask the users of this site to wait for a few days, until I can start answering questions again.
Thanks for your kindness.

My friends, computers, dictionaries, and some "hair pulling" with the translations





I would prefer not to talk about the subject, though if I did not, I would cause that there could Be an energetic Claim due to the omission of the answer when the Day of the Final Judgment Arrives, and I would have failed in my duty.
The tragedy that the reader mentions, gathered up only those Energies Programmed for that fatality. Those Energies that were Turned aside did not Have that Destiny.
The explanation is extensive. I will try to summarize it.
Being the Earth -as it is- under the Direction of the Deniers of the Universal Evolutive Laws, it is very unusual for the Light to Interfere in the energetic Programmings, but She does (as scientist and other cases can be recalled). So that, in a fraction of a few seconds, She Captures the Energy and Modifies part of what was Programmed. The alterations can occur Before or during the material Manifestation. Such a thing has not been happening since some time ago, unless the materialized Energy Shows Real Merit. Which is the way? It is easy!
Since a tender age, we learn to distinguish what is right or wrong. The physical mind is fundamental for the deed to become true. If it obeys the dignity patterns, it will be collaborating significantly with the Energy to be required by the Light at the Time of the universal Closure of the cycle. Otherwise, the Darkness will take Charge of the Energy, even in this plane and: Beyond.
"I think" that the word Omniscient, as well as other attributes, do not fit him, and such things Never existed, as He did not "know" about the advantages that Adam and Eva would enjoy by eating the "apple". Or... could this be another one of the deliberate tricks to call them sinners and send them into exile? If I know that sweets will not be rejected, I would never leave them at hand to punish whoever took them afterwards. And you?
This planet was not -as humanity assumes- the Creation of what they call "God".
Light Individualities in another Love gesture, Gave of Part of Themselves so that the Energies could Manifest in the Direction of Evolution without ever Knowing the pain. This Task was assigned to the Care of a Primary Individuality, that Should follow the THE LAWS OF LOVE, and that HE TRANSGRESSED THEM.

The details make those who are not "dead" to feel a deep emotion.
They ask: How do the Energies receive the candles, prays, masses, flowers, etc?
The answer may be unpleasant, but I have to give it.
The Energy is cosmic strength and absolute support of the matter that She occupies. It was already explained that we depend on Her to exist, and She depends on the conscience of the physical bodies not to "fall in a temptation".
The offerings mentioned above that are dedicated to those beings that Left with affection and innocence, mean nothing to the Energies, as long as They pass to a different vibration field from which They Were. Even in the matter, every love gesture is welcomed and it is protected in the energetic Reservoir.
I used the plural (consciences of the physical bodies) as every Energy needs from the other consciences that are around Her too, that is to say: Healthy intellects... Grateful Energies.

Sexual apathy.
The causes may vary from person to person. First, you must ask for advice to a doctor who specializes in the subject. If there is nothing that proves emotional or organic diseases, do not worry. If we consider this case from the point of view of the Knowledge of theTruths, this means that some Energies Resist their bodies to practice sex (generally, in men). The situation will last as long as they Consider it convenient.
Do not imagine bigger problems nor force the act. The Energetic motives are plausible so in no way they can be Harmful for the Energy or the body. On the contrary, feel grateful about that.

Fear to death.
It is interesting to analyze the inquires. Make them. If the Energy is with “God, resting in Peace”, and everything else that people believe, there should not be any reason for fears. Then, fear, panic, why? As They perfectly know that something completely different from that believed by humanity is Waiting for Them. A cunning blockage between the Energies and the consciences of the material bodies impede Them to Emit Their painful realities to the physical body. Sometimes, They are able to achieve it, but for that, a Tremendous effort is needed. Poor dreamy Energies!

Continuing with the answers
  1. Humanoids similar to "God"? An example: They are all those who had THE LIGHT in front of them and denied HER. Incontestable images and resemblances.
  2. I was, and I am still a lecturer, but only in Brazil-Argentina.
  3. Yes. There are Energies that are Prisoners in different animals, something that is easy to perceive. For that reason, we hear the expressions: - "It seems it is thinking!" - "How clever it is!"
  4. Lineamiento Universal Superior (L.U.S.) never had a head office out of Argentina.
  5. Absurd speculations! That Children or adults with physical defects -of birth or not- does not mean that the Energies Are Marked as nefarious.

Note of the Author
According to the previously explained, the information in this language (with exceptions) will be interrupted. To those interested people who want to see them, will have to enter to the parallel sites (Portuguese and Spanish).

I am grateful for the user's comprehension, and I thank them for the reception and encourage that I received.

Valentina de Andrade
June 10th, 2009

June 12th, 2009
Another month passed by! Nor I perceived the running of time. It did not mean to me either, a month just like the others. They were 31 days of a constant long lasting work, to turn another "dream" into reality, for the good of a the humanity. And here I see it engraved.
Yes, I have taken a good advantage of my time. Not as a usual work, that at the end of the month is compensated with an envelope containing a short pay. Although thus, it was as I thought it would be, when my "envelope" arrived. The truth is that I was expectant if I would be able to please the “owners”, that neither fleeting I saw them. Also, the “Company” that hired me is gigantic! According to what one of the renowned staff members informs me, - “Mr. Google” - up to the moment, according to the amount of accesses, she was able to reach other countries besides Brazil, such as: Argentina, Chile, the United States, Israel, Spain, Norway, Uruguay, France, the United Kingdom and Mexico.
And I continued working. In a few days I perceived that they looked sideways at me. I deduced that they did not trust that I would develop the undertaking that was assigned to me. And it did not finish there. I would have to administer other two departments as well, whose languages were strange to me. But, I felt relieved when I knew that apprentice translators, would collaborate with me. And I sent myself to the task. The commentaries arrived favorable, and the search for my work increased minute by minute, day after day. I reached the ecstasy and I whispered a beautiful melody.
Today then, what a pleasant surprise when receiving my "salary"! I opened the three "envelopes" and it was hard for me to believe that: It contained a Treasure: Almost 10,000 "gold nuggets".

Yes, They are materialized Energies that Started to Know the Truths.

To those less clarified users: The words between quotation marks, are to be read them in a figurative sense.

Note of the Author

Here I come back continuing to share The Universal Truths.
I struggled with myself on how to continue and the solution appeared: Here I am!
The Individualities say that the problems do not exist; the problem consists of finding a solution. And, when perceiving my worries, it came to me.
It would be unforgivable "to abandon" the other Energies due to the absence of professional translators. It was not necessary to hire any of them after all.
I ask the readers to continue not to take into consideration the orthographic and grammatical errors.
I am grateful for your understanding.


Time? I ask you for permission and I excuse myself if I interrupt your manifestation, but I cannot hold back the force that emerges from my feelings. I want to speak and I will do it once more, to the Biggest Denier of the LIGHT-LOVE-TRUTH (LUZ-AMOR-VERDADE) and, I demand that his Enthusiasts listen to me as well.
So many times I questioned your Manifestation disapproving your follies, that I continue to prove. So many anguishes, sorrows, pain, abnormalities, fears, violence, inconceivable deaths, disturbances and all the other slaughters that you have poured over the humanity. I commiserate when I see the thinking-beings, but unconscious, to kneel down before their fellow men waiting for forgiveness. Do you see? Even debilitated and sustaining the torture, they are still looking desperately for some minimal peace and love. Poor humanity!
It is impossible to conceive what you have done and what you continue to do. Yes, you are questionable and I am not afraid to point at you. The beings fear your punishment and accommodate themselves in the silence, accepting peacefully the mortifications that they receive. You inflicted such fear in the creatures, that they bend themselves frightened, leaving everything at your will, without meditating that by handing their lives to someone else, they won’t be able to claim anything, yet they will be allowing their paths to be, as someone else decides they will be. So much unconsciousness! You made the humanity believe that you are Omniscient, when in reality you are nothing but a Deficient and Conscious Denier.
I know that you Revolt with the weight of my words and I will continue: you have Never been my owner and you Never Will be. I was at your feet, credulous and innocent about your lack of decency, however, not from today, I made use of the lethargic rationality and I awoke. You were known as Omnipotent, because that is how you Decided and they believed. Now, I am the one who tells you:

If you Bear or Accumulate The Power that you have declared you had, you would not be Desperate Seeing your Plans Fail beneath the Sword of the Truths.

Manifestation taking place in Londrina, on 09/16/2008


The night wraps itself in a lugubrious blanket, and the world prepares to sleep.
The silence does its part, helping millions of eyes to be covered and sightless. The moon not always arises, because shady clouds lead to storms that pitilessly whip the ones who wish to repose. The firmament that should continuously gleam, darkens stimulating the ones who appreciate to sleep.
Tell me night: Who Programmed you for this eternal obscurity? Was it your wish or something imposed? Ah… You asked for it and you approved the experience. But, for your benefit, listen to my words: Back down while there is still time and wake up, because you do not lack strength. Wake up! do not nourish the ones who stopped you in the sleepiness. Tear apart the veils that cover you and perceive that you were not like this, but a shinning brightness.
Understand that I am not speaking about the sun's luminosity, but of the Splendor of the Light that you are able to remember, because It is in your Memories. do not continue obfuscating Her because you would be letting your allowed opportunity, to become Day again, pass by. Go on and open your eyes and impregnate yourself with desperation, of what never again will repeat in your Center.
I do not ask that you believe in me. It is enough that you observe around you and prove once for all, the impossibility to walk happily and freely, beneath darkness. Meanwhile, if you wish to debate with yourself and suffer, then suffer. Bend your head and recognize that you are pusillanimous, and I will not be able to do anything else in your favor.
Do you know THE REASON?

Valentina de Andrade
Londrina, 06/17/2009

How to differentiate the Energies.
This, is one of the most solicited questions.
The physical conscious, will demonstrate if it is or not, collaborating with "its" Energy, in a Beneficial or in a Negative manner. Although there are a lot of ways to do it, it is not difficult to detect them. Observe the behavior of every human being, taking into consideration if the aggressiveness is originated due to a temporary problem, or if it is constant and unjustified. In this case, understanding is demanded, since the Energy feels difficulty to expose her need for help, coming from the matter. She Might be in pact with the negative or rejecting it. How? i.e.: If somebody likes to swim beyond the maritime coast and, even though he is prevented of the dangers, he becomes irritated and continues swimming, believing in his supposed self-sufficiency. The error is shown, yet, he won’t stop doing it until or almost drowning or perishing, when it will be too late to understand that he was being protected.
Punishments or threats should never exist. If it is necessary to bring something to someone's attention, it should be done in a clear way, and for a good purpose. Much is going to depend on the comprehension, love and patience; extreme and constant patience of those who live closely, to attain favorable results. Energy is not a toy that stays forgotten in a corner, when She is the one who Sustains our material lives. Help Them.

  1. By these means, it is not possible to develop the Answers as they were solicited and as I would like to, due to the fact that they are rich in details and the space would extend for kilometers. I synthesize them -which it has not been easy- and I try to introduce them in a way that it is simple to understand by the readers.
  2. Yes. I am the primogenital and an heiress by Law, which takes me to claim my financial rights too. If I did not do it nor will do it, is because I was not recognized by love, and even if it would be the biggest of the fortunes, it will not modify my thought.*

* I am not making this statement to "appear". I am answering what had been asked to me. At the same time, even from the distance, you can get to know me.

Remember: "To be, is not an emotional question but, a way of behaviuor."

Regarding the gays, I know extensively the reasons, which are independent of their will, being the transsexualism an analogous situation. I assure, therefore, that the discrimination and the violence against the ones denominated this way are inconceivable. I defend the freedom to choose to love and to be loved.
I disagree to the promiscuity which some enjoy in public. Regarding what they do in privacy, it is not of my concern.

Cosmic memories.
People who continually remember facts experienced in their actual manifestation, such as dates, days, times and other details - even remote - derivate from the fact that the Energies have Their Blockage semi-closed, having reincarnated for just three times, recent and consecutively. Therefore, without big Quantities of Experiences stored in Their Memories.
The reason why the Energies Inspect Them often, is as a tentative to allow the physical conscience to receive Them (Memories), allowing the Energy to Maintain the situations experienced in previous manifestations, active. This way, They Could compare in a parallel manner with the current one. They are Energies who are attentive to protect Their physical body from committing fatal errors, and so, They will be Able to carry out Their Programming, in a more "relaxed" way.

Every Energy carries Her Programming, which often, due to circumstances of the human day-to-day, are postponed. Obliged to fulfill It, She Finds diverse kind of partners and Triangulates. In doing so, commonly it is produced a detonation of the Programming, in a larger scale, which could even affect someone close.

Energies - Physical consciousness - Programming.
It was explained that physical consciousness can help "their" Energies significantly that, once Their Programming are imposed, They are in the obligation to Fulfill Them. In cases of violence, urges that consciences head into the right direction, this way they will accomplish get such Programming modified. Thus, "points" will count in Their Favor. To want is enough, because we are aware of what is right and wrong.
The Programming that cause deaths are extremely Strong. Is possible that, by means of other several factors involving the matter, They can be delayed, but definitely, They will be Fulfilled.

  1. The most complex of this creation? The physical body.

  2. The High Universal Knowledge says that, the nucleus Earth and its nutrients, diverse climates, minerals, types of water, vegetation, richness, etc. are easier to generate than the human bodies. The physical body is dense (when it should be subtle for better locomotion purposes of the Energy), and among other complexities, it was prepared to produce its own auto decomposition.

  3. In those planets in which the Seed of Malice has not inflicted any damage, the Energies do not become older like we do, They Accumulate Experiences that are never repeated as a means to avoid the violence which this mechanism happens to bring about. Step by step and, as They Evolve, They always take a different direction until They "graduate", that is to say, when They become Conscious of Themselves. During that phase, They start fulfilling Missions as the ones Responsible for the Energies that are still unconscious. A posteriori, They Acquire the Right to Become Individuality Segments.

This is the way I idealized it in order to prevent questions from being placed on the site and to save space. Each person shall identify their response which, in many cases, will come in handy for other interested parties. So far up to now, the results have been positive.
Certainly, and as long as it comes with a written authorization and is done within the scope of the law.
One of my lawyers -intermediary- assures that this is an advantageous proposal. However, it would imply wasting too much time, which I myself don’t count on.

Do not you know me?
First: In 57 days through these sites, there have been 15,000 interested people who have approached me and there are still doubts about them having perceived me. Besides, the "characters" you make mention of, have known about my existence from even before.
Second: I keep pamphlets which were directly sent to my residence many years ago.
Third: The factors could be the most diverse ones. Every one knows what theirs is. I quote some cases which could be considered as the possible ones, or maybe not: Lack of true desire to know. Personalism. Vanity. Turning to the opposite sex would lead them to humiliating sensations.

Energetic Transference
This is the terminology we use when the Energy leaves the material Manifestation. When passing into another vibrational field; She Transferred.
From the very moment the Transference takes place, absolutely ALL the Energies Need not have their Memories Activated and constantly reminding Them of the actions and facts of the matter that They Occupied. I am not telling you to get your beloved beings or acquaintances off your mind. I will explain it: By mentioning the names that They Occupied in the matter and, by recalling past circumstances -even the pleasant ones – you will be forcing Them to Revive their Memories, and you will be subsequently provoking, even greater Suffering to Them.
There was an Energy of Light which Materialized thousands of years ago, and humanity continues contributing in such a way that She Cannot Forget Her Martyrization.

Silence, many times, demonstrates greater sentiment than the words thrown to the wind.

This topic is quite advanced and unquestionable. There is not even a way to give rise to the explanations through these sites. They will be detailed in the next book: “Mêmore”.

It was not easy. First of all, it was shocking to believe I was faced with evil entities.
The reason why? Because I was subjugated by the commandments of the “Divine” laws, I used to pray for everything and for nothing. You can Imagine my fear when I heard a voice severely telling me: “Stop praying!”
I ignored it and prayed more fervently. I did not want to have any conversation or any type of contact with exus*.
They said goodbye leaving me in tears and with rebellious thoughts against Them.
As I did Not have a way to avoid Them, days later, They came back. Filled with patience, They explained me that prayers and similar were inventions of humanity, and that they did not have a Valuable meaning for The Light.

If only I could, in this space, tell about everything that I have learned… By having left my mind open to listen and to assimilate, being able, this way able to know about the True Origins... Understanding the reason of all the whys... Feeling safe to walk freely in between the multitude, sheltered by the Truths... Having left behind the groundless fears... Telling what was modified not only in my life... And so much more...

If only I could… Here!

*Entity known in spiritism, who can do well or evil.

It is common to hear: “I did not ask to be born.”
When Energies (Nefarious ones) found Themselves in Front of Light, They asked in Desperation and, as a last Opportunity, to come back to Earth in order to completely Extirpate from Themselves the Pacts Made with Darkness (Details in the next book. Chapter: Plasmations).
All those acquiring the High Universal Knowledge shall regard themselves as depositories of A Treasure, which no fortune can buy.
I Appreciate knowing about the fact that you attended the trial which acquitted me, and that you realized the farce which was mounted against someone, totally unaware of the aberrant accusations.
The phrase I mentioned - that you remembered - was shocking, I’m well-acquainted with that, however, it exploded from my inner self as the maximum expression of an uncontainable truth.
I am grateful for the votes and the respect shown towards me.
Due to innumerable requests of a more personal address, I provide the following:
Caixa Postal N° 7054
Jd. Portal de Versalhes 1
Cep: 86050-980
Londrina. Paraná. Brasil.

Physically Disabled – Discrimination.
It is unfortunate that people do not see each other as Energies, and only take into consideration what the eyes see and what the mirror reflects. If they could Contemplate the Energies, they would comprehend and respect someone whose Energy is Impeded to Manifest under equal conditions. Many times, based on the social level, or skin color, people forget to respect their fellowmen.
There is no consideration to listen or to give advice, because all they see is the matter. If they could See… Respect would speak out loudly and would say: She is an Energy. She came to ask me for help and I must help Her. You must think: Today, her matter compared to mine, leaves a lot to be desired, but Tomorrow, When We’ll Be only as Energies and I could see an unimaginable Vibrational Field in comparison to Mine, If I Would like to Approach; I can Listen:

“Oh my Sister. What did you do to Me? Do you See? I was that matter that you disdained. During hundreds and hundreds of years in which I Manifested, I Was a gladiator, soldier, king, homeless and much, much more. When I was near You as a physically disabled, you Refused to help me. And Now that you See the Difference between Us, You Approach Me, because you Remember Your inconsideration. Let's see what THE LIGHT WILL SAY. I have certainty that We will Know the difference between to act, and the justification of an arrogant and real physically disabled.”

Due to the EXTENSE COMPLEXITIES, and to the fact that in this space it is not feasible to clarify it, what I can anticipate is, that the Light Individualities recently Took the lead over this nucleus (Earth), with the purpose to free part of the nefarious Programming of the Energies that still Have Possibilities to Return Victorious to Their Origins. This Unusual Fact and of an incalculable magnificence, does not mean that all Programming will be changed, but partially Modified.


To Stop - To Fail - To Walk.

I am conscious of the reality I live in, or am I lying to myself?
I Was told that I must think. Then, I stop a little bit in the way. But… Someone had also told me that I must not stop or I will be left behind. What do I do? I know! I will continue going forward, because nothing impedes me to be a thinking voyager. I analyze: If I stop in the middle of the way, I will be becoming conscious of the place where I stopped. Then, if I do not think over about the direction in which I walk, what would I be doing?
Undervaluing TO WHOM GENERATED Me and forgetting about that Friend that impelled me to walk.
What happened to me? I abandoned myself to prejudgment and I came across over tortuous paths, beyond the objectives that I was supposed to reach. And for allowing myself to listen to bad influences, I neglected myself!

The fight is purely individual. Meanwhile, we must not forget that if we fight together the strength will be bigger; and the failing will be defeated.
To stop requires wisdom and prudence to decompound the direction to be followed and what is being trodden. To walk, not like a hallucinated. To walk knowing that no psychological crutches are needed to shelter. To become conscious of the exact moment where oneself stopped. To analyze carefully the whys. To recognize, even the own mistakes and, with all the strength to go back where oneself stopped. That is the only way to be able to re-initiate the walk.
I knew many who failed. As I manifested in the matter so many times, I proved that the failure is not a crime itself.
Defendant is the one that subjected to his immoderate unconsciousness, preferred to stop in the middle of the way, even when knowing that he will approximate to famishing abysses, that undoubtedly, wait to devour him.

I am extremely grateful for the esteem and confidence which you have shown by remitting your names and addresses attached to the note. Cowards would never do that.
I am in possession of the original ever since its publication. What is there to say?
I would never imagine the person referred to in any vexatious situation! Are those the “world's” twists and turns? Astonished? Nobody can impede us from feeling that way. I myself was! That does not mean insensateness. I consider that the difference is:
Neither does the worthy affirm nor prejudges without being necessary conclusive evidence. Insensate, is the individual who judges without being entitled to do so.
I understand the curiosities and I do not attribute them as malicious. Neither will they afflict me when my recalling them. Stay calm. Yes, they will be part of the book.
Among what was learned from the Individualities, I was told that, every question deserves an answer. As I have explained, this space does not aim to my expansion on the subject, meanwhile, I will respond to past events as I interpret them.

Accusations as for the treatment received in prison:

  1. Agents: There is nothing I could accuse them of, not even in connection with those who work outside; on the contrary.
  2. Nurses: I especially remember one of them with great affection.
  3. Policemen:There were some of them who dedicated me affectionate words which I indeed needed.
  4. Meals: Longing for the ones that I prepare at home.
  5. Psychologist: Dignifying representative of her class. She was of great value to me.
  6. Psychiatrist: Accusation? No. Sorrow? YES.
  7. General Practitioner: An attentive and helpful lady.
  8. Reporters: A Flood of “graduates from Dante's Hell University?”.
  9. Prisoners: A lot to be commented. Mixture of various situations.


  1. Jury: Tragicomic.
  2. Prosecutors and indictment: Without any proofs whatsoever against me, they commented about soccer!
  3. Testimonials against the accused: Two of them got embarrassed and ruined the “cake”.
  4. Favorable Testimonials: Indestructible.
  5. Lawyers: Unquestionable grounds proving my innocence.
  6. Judge: Person led to false reports, by unscrupulous people.
  7. Audience: At first, crowded. As days passed by, the attendance declined.
  8. Jurors: Synonym of integrity.
  9. My moment: A strong oath, deeply felt; and even impossible to come from a guilty person.



LONDRINA, 07/20/2009.




17) Edmilson Frazão is placed as key witness, the one who had lied in 1994 and was confirmed to be mentally ill by his relatives, besides being in jail in Macapa for swindling and raping and with a new prison order not fulfilled, but the Federal Police instead of capturing Edmilson, protected him under a Witness Protection Program. In Altamira, and after the liberation of the accused ones in 1995, he had retracted voluntarily of his deposition, but priest Sávio took him to the civil police station the next day, to accuse Dr. Hercilio of coercion. The prosecutor at that time accepted the two declarations.

Phrases of the declaration of one of the accused ones:

A festival of errors and of a flagrant bad intention...

...they do not want to accept the truth because it is opposite to all they have spread to the society and they do not want to embarrass themselves at a national and international level.

Justice is done analyzing evidence and not with pressure as declared by CEDECA lawyer Celina Hamoy in the “O Liberal”, having as a serious consequence, the direction of the process with the shuttering of proves. They are paid to lie...
There is no way to deny it. Everything is a big farce since 1991, when... (continues)

Blog: http://josecaldas.wordpress.com
Contacts: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Are the sectarians of “God” conniving with the monstrosities Do they pretend a religious belief for being advisable for them in different ways? Are they perfect cowards or they refuse to face the crystal clear reality; and analyze? Which is the genuine interest in closing the eyes and ears to the existential barbarities in this planet? Whom are they making responsible? Mankind? For being easier and more convenient? Let’s see then:
“God” made humanity believe that he is, Omniscient, Omnipotent, able to See everything and who knows what other nonsense's. How would he explain the atrocities committed in this world? How much more would he invent when being asked -even in this plane and between others- why does he allow the such Devil to co-habit peacefully in the domains of the “Holly God”? What incoherent “excuse” would he present? Any! And the followers would close their eyes and ears in acceptance of the new lies.

Remember: Words of Jesus, according to Gospel of St John, Chapter 8, Verse 44

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth (*), because there is no truth (*) in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it”.
What a barbarity! Meanwhile, not from today nor for me, it was announced.
Note also, that Jesus Did not refer to: my father, but: your father. Did it become clear?
(*) (*)
Read it: Truth.
I am not a false nor a true prophet. I do not prophesy anything. I speak and communicate what I heard for being concordant, since I have proofs in excess! Meanwhile, maybe some fat, skinny, tall and short go around kicking, mad about mentioning my name publicly and give me a beating.
Well, well! I speak and I write based in solid statements, meanwhile rag tongues not having how to contradict me, prefer the fallacy.

The question is: which will be the safest place when the chaos in fact takes place!
The answer is a little bit difficult. If I said that openly, it could be counterproductive to each one's plans and diverse circumstances. However, I cannot avoid replying to those who believe in the Truths and consequently, in me. I will give then some pieces of advice I am sure are essential:


  1. Getting discouraged.
  2. Living near the sea.
  3. People prone to violence, even verbal.
  4. Crowds.

The 1st book contains extended answers. For those who have not had the opportunity to read it, probably, today's answers will not be enough. Still, due to what I explained above, I do not have - yet - a better way to encourage you.

The Parliamentary Commission of Investigation into Pedophilia will be in Maranhão in September. It was confirmed on Thursday morning (6) by the president of the CPI at the Federal Senate, Senator Magno Malta, during the meeting with the president of the Childhood, Youth and Elderly Commission of the Legislative Assembly CIJI, representative Eliziane Gama (PPS).

The senator forecast is that emblematic cases such as the one of mechanic Francisco das Chagas Rodrigues de Brito, accused of killing and emasculating 41 children in the states of Maranhão and Pará will unfold. An accused is still imprisoned in Pará, even when Chagas had confessed to all the crimes.


Postscript: I used blue color to highlight the extract.


Transferences (deaths) will continue to take place in big quantities, since the virus of the so called swine flu, has annexed to others and others. The change of name was not at random and has a reason. On page n° 1 of the Oldest and Current of this site, you will find my -cautious- attempt to alert about what would happen. Paragraph: “Who can assure that...”

Unhappily, not all the information can be openly declared, to avoid being misinterpreted or “judged” as an instigator to spread panic. If the readers are attentive to my writing, they will be able to read in between lines and to be precautionary, the best way possible.

I am not asking you to pray to me or to worship me because I am not “God”. My request is directed to the skeptics: Get ride of the imperviousness you are covered in, rejecting to hand yourself over to the Truths. Time runs rapidly and it cannot be wasted with improper interrogations. The victory does not belong to the ones that think they know how to analyze, and with each difference they cogitate to have found, they will be stopping in the Way and continuing to pact with the evil. Never believe that the disgraces will not attain you. They are just waiting for the moment to attain you. Hasn't it been that way? Me and everybody else suffer from cruelties. Why, dissidents, would it be different with you? In this world, we are victims. Of whom? Of the one that sends us punishments, abnormalities, cyclones, floods, desperation, violence, poverty, mutilations, etc, etc. “because he is benevolent and loving.” What a grotesque joke!

The Victory belongs to the ones that bear, without fear or doubts, the Answers that he, Sick Conscious attempted to hide, and that today, fearless, I reveal.

Feel! Feel that you do not belong to the one who has caused so many evil deeds. That you were not born from any rib or dust. Understand, once and for all, that you complete Someone that at the end of times is Waiting for you, as universal Beings that you will always be.


So much violence! So many tragedies. So much pain!
Torrential rains. Gales. Tornados. Earthquakes. Destruction. Panic.
Children, adults and animals dragged by the waters or inert under the debris.
Destroyed houses. Screams, tears and desperation. Deaths proliferating and they continue claiming for "God!"
Was the reason buried? How long will they be on their knees? When will they throw their blinders to the garbage? Never? Then, stop moaming and continue praying.
If praying was worth it, the world would be a paradise.

Although faintly...
Here in Brazil, the newscasts are being, frecuently and more than ever, packed with barbarisms against children.

However, not all reach the headlines as they should. For example: When I was the victim of the inadmissible fact, they showed to the world, with the maximum sensationalism, the infamies that they projected. They calumniated, defamed and dirtied the honor of someone they do not know, disregarding the consequences that would bring not only to me, but also to those who accompany me. The important thing for the infamous ones was to attain their vile purposes plus the profits that the crooked business would bring. But they failed. Evil will never be victorious.

I watch all of the TV newscasts programs of the Brazilian TV. I might be deceived, but I did not see any of the following items of news published, as you will prove. Some newspapers from overseas published it, whereas here, very discreetly (why is that?) some of the relevant moments were shown in the Internet. Corroborate:
Due to the inability to translate the journalism articles in its entirety, I make a brief summary of their contents:
The bicycle's mechanic, Francisco das Chagas Rodrigues de Brito of 45 years, accused who confessed to have killed and emasculated 42 children in Brazil, in the State of Maranhão and in the location of Altamira Pará, was sentenced to 63 years in prison for the death of two children. (These were the crimes for which I had been accused).

The man is a prisoner since 2004. In April of that year, the police found two skeletons buried in the house of Chagas. The mechanic, at that time, confessed to have killed other children.

The case is known as the emasculated children of Maranhão and Altamira.
The negligence in the investigation on the death of the children, throughout the years, has led Brazil to face legal action by the Organization of American States (OAS).
Here are some links in their original language*:


* for a brief translation service, you can use google translate.


Based on certain events that occurred to some of the participants of my uncommon memories, it is necessary to reformulate the new book.
Therefore, I ask the readers that are waiting for the edition to be a little bit more patient.
We communicate to those interested in the High Universal Knowledge that, if they are attentive to the Sites, they will find the constant attention of Ms. Valentina de Andrade, expressing the need to work in the reformulation of her new book.
We receive hundreds of mails on a daily basis, but there is no way to respond the questions that are outside the context of the Truths. When she does it, it is for respect and consideration to the readers.

That is what I feel when showers, thunderstorms and strong winds come together.
Before knowing the Truths, I used to grab a rosary and walk around the house, screaming for Saint Barbara. That was what I was taught to do, since I was very little, in situations like this one. Today, I laugh about the childishness, not for me, created, but the panic continues to exist. It was here in Londrina, last week - 15th and 18th - where one of the major storms I have ever seen other than on television and in other places and countries, commenced. What happened to me? Not even the tip of my hair moved. Am I cured of the trauma? No. What happened is that, two days before, while talking with one of My cosmic Friends, speaking about the exhaustion that I have been feeling, He persuaded me to step out of the city to have fun and to entertain myself. At the beginning, I disagreed, based on the responsibility of the work that in this time, more than ever, requires primacy. He showed Himself persuasive that it would be favorable to be away from the city and I acquiesced, even so, because I am always attentive to the fact that They, do not speak for the sake of speaking. This way, with a little group that was visiting me, we decided to go to the northeast beaches and towards that direction, on the past 14th, we left. The very next day, the storm abated over Londrina and its surroundings, fact that we discovered when we came back from the beach and we watched the newscasts that showed part of what had happened. I did not panic, because I was told to enjoy the trip and not to allow anything to disturb my deserved vacations. That is what I did, for having found out what happened and the reason why they incited me to travel. After I came back home, the ones who had stayed over here, told me that the rain was pouring and nonstopping. We came back - on the 20th - and the sun was shining. However, the commotion was big in the city. Houses without their roofs, trees that had fallen down, crushed cars, and all kinds of “natural causes” were not missing. My home? It was intact. Not even one of the twenty plants that I have hanging from the porch, had flown away.
He, who trusts Them and knows how to listen to Their words, will have nothing to claim, yet, a lot to thank.

Recent photos. 10/17/2009

Ships and Arabesques.
On the past 28th (at night), we saw a gigantic Ship traveling through the skies of Londrina. On the next day, the newscasts commented that on a farming field in Ipuaçu - west of the State of Sta. Catarina - some incredible and perfectly aligned arabesques had been found.
It is known that not from today, such events have been happening in several countries also. Obviously, scientists, researchers and curious people inquire and investigate about it, in an attempt to discover the unknown enigmas.
Gentlemen: There are not and there will not exist any means to discover even the slightest hint to help them with their investigations, due to the lack of the necessary elements that are beyond the 3D level. The answers - as so many others - are complex and fundamental for the materialization of a Whole, for the future that will come!
At this moment, I can give you a tiny help: The whole planet is divided in millions and millions of quadrants. Why and for what reason? The answers are contained in the arabesques, but it is impossible for me to give details in this reduced space.


Feelings - Analysis.
Tearful, someone told me that he would like to be insensitive, as cold as the machines, because that way, he would not suffer.
One of my “weaknesses” is particularly to enjoy analyzing, something I do, not in a quick manner, because an analysis does not coadunate with impetuosity. Every analysis must be thoroughly carried out and observed from different points of view, to avoid making mistakes. If we lack some information or if we are against something, we must look into the reasons, and not to make conjectures and point with accusing fingers that will turn against ourselves.
I answered immediately, since I do not let my consciousness blunt, and the answers flow easily. In summary, I said to him that the feelings make part of the weapons used by the Darkness, to hurt. Yes, with something else that they did not Count on: It has two edges.
I dried his tears, making him realize that, if he and the others who share the High Knowledge were cold, they would be on their knees and not walking Towards The Light.
The LOVE Opponents Believed that while the Truths were being transmitted, not even one human being, accustomed to seeing is believing, would feel Them and They would be postponed, missing the chance to Save their Energies. Not acting as such, what did they make the “Darkness” Feel? Nothing less than an unexpected and shocking strike!
I take the opportunity to call the analytic ones for the following sentence that fosters the comments before:
"The ones who rest in peace in the cold tombs are not the dead ones. The dead are those who have their soul dead, and are still alive".

Ricardo Palma (1833-1919) Peruvian poet.

In a festive reunion. Buenos Aires, 10/25/2009.
Glorifying the Light and asking the Energies to Clamour the physical consciousness the so much needed help; to Be Able to Return Victorious to Their True Origins.

And the specialist recommended me to leave my sedentary life and dare to exercise the muscles. I looked at him strangely! Since I am free to think what is right or wrong, I asked: “Since I am an elderly person…what type of exercise do you recommend me? I feel the weight of the difficult life that I have had, and sometimes, I feel that the strengths are slowly or quickly extinguishing. Would not it be better to stay calm and wait for the death?”
And he replied: “To get used to it? No! Leave what is easy for the ones who accept the failure, even before fighting. Start walking and take the opportunity to meditate on my words. This way, you will be also exercising your mind, which must be somehow blunt and accustomed to the convenience. Is it this way?”
Since it was the truth, I could only agree to it. I left thinking in what moment I would apply his advice. A few days passed by, and I did not want to move. I felt good, leaning on cushions that were given to me by someone I believed, wanted my well being. As time passed by, my strengths declined and lead me to look for the soft and cozy bed. And that voice gave me no respite: “No! To get used to it? No! Leave what is easy…” And I got up determined to walk. But I stopped and I asked myself: Walk, where to? The streets are so busy! People bump into each other , push each other, without even apologizing. I see lots of vehicles, and it is not rare that the occupants assault each other with words, or with the honk of their cars, when they do not run over the unwary pedestrians. Not respecting themselves, will they respect others? I am afraid to leave my comfort. I will go back to bed. And so I did. But the familiar voice continued to resound in an insistent manner: “No! Do not give up! You need to move.” It was causing me annoyance and to push it away, I made a decision. I went out. Consequently, I meditated about which direction I would take. The fear hampered my steps and insisted on impeding me to walk. I chose to defy it and I resumed the exercises. I noticed a stretch that seemed to be rugged, consequently one of the least used ones. I decided to risk in doing it. I walked for only a few minutes and I backed down quickly. The very next day I tried walking in the same place and I found myself not so frightened, but venturing big steps. Today, I do not simply walk. The fear diluted and I have rejuvenated! My walk is firm and my strengths… renewed! I go on, certain that by only going through that stretch that at first seemed craggy, I was able to discover that the great help is to pass through it without fear of falling, when the time comes to find us face to face, with the undeniable; Rise.

Message for someone, with whom I have not met face to face.
Most excellent, Mrs. Dr.

I let time pass by waiting for the moment to tell you that I have not forgotten you. Only someone who is egocentric; lover of the indifference and who shows underestimation for what is honourable, could forget someone who dignifies her work.
The purpose of this brief letter, is to thank you for not having allowed yourself to fall for the pressures arosen back then, from those who backed down on their oath of making Justice, and made fun of it.
With the same certainty that I prove not to reject the Truths, I affirm that your Energy (spirit) is one of the rarities that Finds herself in conflict in this world, full of promiscuity. Continue helping her, so that She remains Firm and Returns to her True Origins, Flaunting the trophy of the Victory.
The world gives many turns. In one of those turns, if for any reason I could be helpful, you can count that on me, you will find a trustworthy friend, incapable of committing one single act against the Universal Laws, Ruled by the LIGHT-LOVE-TRUTH.

Valentina de Andrade

This is how begins the long letter that I received, which for obvious reasons I do not translate in full, even when bearing the pertaining authorization to publish it, I decide to preserve the sender's name and city of residence.

I am the materialized Energy with the name of...
During the 90/91, I participated of the reunions as follower of the High Universal Knowledge. The cause of my absence afterwards, was due to particular reasons. Eighteen years passed by but I have not forgotten you.
Searching the Internet, I found your web page, and just now I learned about the injustices and sufferings that you have been through. I also read the messages and information regarding the Truths, which lead me to breathe a welfare due to the way that you transmit them, even though, I still fear the dangers and all the ill-fated that can be seen on the streets and that the newscasts show on a daily basis. I know, Mom, that with you I can speak sincerely and openly, without fear of being misinterpreted. Therefore, I tell you: I feel sick. The sensations are fever, tiredness, dizziness and lack of appetite. I went to see a doctor who found nothing wrong with my health. Nevertheless, I am in panic, thinking that I could have contracted AIDS. I have been with prostitutes, without taking the necessary precautions. What a stupidity of mine! While in bed, I reflected a lot and I regretted the blunders committed. Among them, I did not value myself. If I would have done that, value that just now with my beaten consciousness, I am able to perceive that I wasted a lot of time, and that I did nothing to help my little Light (Energy) to Grow and Shine. If I would have sought for healthy and recreational activities, like the ones experienced during those reunions with my fellows… If I would have used the reason… If while reflecting, I would have given myself the necessary time… today, I would not be lamenting myself. Obviously, over all, I recognize the Truths and the importance to have them present after comprehending and assimilating them. To feel? I feel them as the True Path, even when sometimes the consciousness cannot reach a full understanding of everything. Although, I did not allow myself to get into precipitated thoughts or judgments, to avoid continuing making even further mistakes. From now on, I will retake those steps that I left aside. I feel that during the time I wasted I had my legs amputated, that I was dragging on my knees and that my head was down. Then, I look at myself and I see myself ready to resume the walk. My legs are healthy, I have my forehead up and I will no longer crawl. I am in search of happiness, because I also want to project it to those who wish to walk beside me. Money does not worry me, being certain that I will not lack the necessary to live. I will follow the right road, to redeem myself from all the stupidity and negativities that I assume to have practiced. I will recover this way, the possibility to see you and your sons again. I recognize how irresponsible I have been, even endangering the health of my own family.
I land my eyes on the pictures of the reunions and I recognize the familiar joy. I remember also, that you do not like us to apologize without a real reason. I apologize, because my motives are real: Bad behaviour, which I leave behind.
Allow me to return to your comfort, because these will be my first steps to reinitiate my walk to the Path Towards the Light.
Materialized Energy with the name of...

Argentina, 11/26/2009

I do not usually lock the “doors.” I leave them half opened, to allow the passers-by to come in and out whenever they please. Welcome are those who know how to recognize their errors.




To the readers who inquired:
About the clinical result of the materialized Energy that “confesses” his mistakes and fears. (Refer to the manifestation on page 39).
After answering the letter, I made what will be the ONLY exception, and I spoke with My cosmic Friends on the subject, showing my concern. I was advised to remain calm. Knowing “to read” between the lines, I did that. Recently, this person has written to me again commenting on the analysis. He was diagnosed to be in perfect health.

I kindly ask not to take the information I provide as a basis to make questions about physical or material situations about others, as, unfortunately, I will not be able to answer them.
I thank you for your consideration.

Everywhere you can read, and more than read, verify day after day, that planet Earth moves at a fast pace towards its End.
The alerts are interweaved as passionate lovers, warning everyone that very soon there will be lack of food and drinkable water. If it would only be it! And what has it been good for? Each one continues with his own life without really worrying, even disregarding ethical values, that significantly contributes to the decadence and chaos.

Climatologic changes.
Seaquakes reach incommensurable heights, where countless people put their ephemeral lives at risk through the surf practice. Oh well...
Who can say to ignore the pouring rains, tornadoes, floods, droughts, collapsing glaciers that are causing the seas' tremors? The most diverse climatic alterations, among many others, that have nothing to promise to anyone’s well being; who is unaware of this? Even so, the inhabitants of this world still behave as if they were brainless, whose major concern is the desperate search to accomplish their material gains.
Reality can be seen. It is essential to build awareness, or you will continue on your knees until you can no longer deny, and feel unable to bear it.

Loads of money. Money that will run useless through the streets, because there will be nothing to buy. I observe amazed, how many people appear in the news - pretending to be humble and improvising an angelical look - owners of unimaginable wealth, as the summit to be reached. Boasters! They should urgently use it to hire scientists or someone able to produce ecological money, because it would, even for a short period of time, be useful as food to be shared with the unfortunate ones. Would they share it? I doubt it. Do they share it nowadays? Yes, a finite number. Others give the impression that they do it as a way of showing themselves off, a goal that they also consider essential in their lives.

Year 2012.
Countless people comment about future events that will occur during the mentioned year. Meanwhile, who is the one who can afford the luxury of analyzing and preparing himself to confront them? And why would they do this, if “nothing” indicates the possibility of disasters?

And so, humanity walks.
I greatly appreciate this expression, so conducive to my writings.

New Year.
Excitement. Fireworks. Drinks. Festivities. Toasts. Hugs. Kisses. Happiness. Commemorations and the usual hopes. At the same time and in other places:
Tragedies. Floods. Avalanches. Fires. Snowstorms. Burials. Desperation and suffering offered the media, ill-fated newscasts. Do they claim about the misfortunes? No. The first to appear is the vulgar phrase: God wanted it that way!
And the inconsequent ones remain on their knees, forcing their Energies to share the humiliation and to continue subject to the Will of the cosmic Executioner, when they should raise their voices as high and strong as possible, execrating the Darkness and claiming for the rights to be in peace. There is so much ignorance that they go to pray and thank for having escaped from death. They do not think that it was the Tyrant who allowed it - and will continue allowing - the children's, relatives´ and friends´ deaths, who drowned, were mutilated, burned alive and were subject to a thousand sort of violent ways that only a Sick Consciousness can plan. They should analyze: If the “so-and-so” is merciful, if he receives the souls and leads them to the Eternal Life... why do we run in search of doctors when we feel some discomfort? Is not that a contradiction? Why do not they surrender peacefully and happily to the illnesses, applauding them, giving cheers for them and screaming: Hurray! I want music. A lot of noise. A rock and roll. I am happy because I am going to die! Why not demonstrating joy? If they did so, I would believe that they are truthful to the beliefs that they affirm to profess. Meanwhile, if they like to suffer, continue praying and bending to the ill-fated. Silence gives consent.
Bearer that I am, of the Truths that are being verified every second and, as the foolish are unable to continue denying Them, is it coherent to celebrate the end of a cycle and the beginning of another? In the past, I celebrated, but due to the existent impiety - bigger each time - towards the living beings I will no longer do it.
I would continue celebrating, if there was the slightest chance that the good desires and hopes could come true. Thus, with respect to those who grieve in front of the coffins and graves that contain the bodies of the victims of the Darkness, I give preference to the silence.

Summarized responses.
The cosmic Individualities who have contact with me, are living beings who never manifested in the earthly plane. Therefore, They must not be confused with spirits, although, we can also simply call them, Energies.
Yes. Floods, landslides, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, lack of food and drinkable water. Deaths in indiscriminate and unimaginable quantities. Disturbances and despair. Turbulent seas forming giant waves that raze everything to the ground. This, and much more I have anticipated through this site and it is being proved. By the time you feel like affording the "luxury" of paying the necessary attention and getting ready, it will be late and as you can see, lamentations will be worthless.
Exactly. The meteorologists, reporters and the "world" in general, say they do not to know what is going on. Well! They leave everything in the hands of the "so-and-so". Is it worth complaining? No. Because he will continue doing what he has Programmed.
A comparison: When there are elections, if the elected candidate is proved not to fulfill his promises and upsets the population, people go out to the streets and show their anger. He will end up discredited and weakened. Once this happens, he will lose his forces, and he will find himself annihilated. I hope I have made myself clear.

Energetic Transference.
The commented vision, perceived by many who were about to leave the matter, is real. The Unblocking occurs, and - in millionths of a second - the Energy gets to transmit the matter its experiences. At that time, the person will understand the reasons for the reactions of affection, antagonisms and others, towards his fellow men. When the individual comes back to his senses, the fear of death was so strong (What a disparity and strange reaction! Do not they affirm that they would be in peace?) that he cannot remember any details.

Celestial mechanics vs. the exposed graphics.
Not even in a tiny point of the graphically demonstrated, we could lead our comprehension to the complexity of the reality and at the same time, to the simplicity of a Whole.
I.e.: cosmic pyramids: cosmically, pyramids are not composed of only three sides. There exist pyramids of 100 vertexes - they may contain many more or fewer- while being a pyramid. This way, and with all the exposed arguments, that were adjusted in a primitive way to our understanding, not corresponding, therefore, to the Real explanation.

Epitome of an unforgettable trip!

With a little group of sons, we traveled to places in Europe, which were unknown to us.
Paris: we visited a big part of it. Olala! It is really a beautiful city and its people, friendly. Appetizing foods. Ancient and modern architecture, of the most fabulous ones. Giant malls filled with everything you can, or not imagine! Difficulties? Yes. To have the strength to continue walking... without buying excessively.
Moulin Rouge: uninterrupted entertainment, and impossible to be described, remarkable variety and luxury.
Disneyland... for those who are romantic, it is not possible to hold back tears when coming across the parade of carriages and all the animated characters, as the ones we see in the classic cartoons and animated films designed by its creator, Walt Disney. It was a daydream!
London: the sun is ashamed and the cold, accompanied by showers displays at will. The city is just as we see it in the movies. The native population appears to be circumspect. Elegance prevails and they call the Queen, mother. The palace is impressive, just as the so magnificent and artistically produced monuments. Among the English people, I did not see animated conversations or smiles. They seemed to be sad. As I am fond of joy, I did not feel "at home"; and we went toward...
Milan: it is properly named the fashion square. Thousands of shops dazzle by the modernity in the most famous clothing brands. If they were just clothes... Mamma mia!
Italians are cheerful and communicative, so much that they speak loudly and do not stop moving their hands.
Monaco: exuberance in sumptuousness. Fancy cars are even seen as taxis. The cleanness and the asphalt of the streets are incomparable! Monte Carlo squanders its power of wealth everywhere you look at. The gardens looked similar to a velvety and verdant carpet, where lush flowers adorn the landscape. Hotels, mansions, clothing, jewels, casinos and much more... Wow!
Newscasts: the other countries’ television stations, that I remember: Spain, Portugal, Russia, England, Arabia, Greece and India, engaged to inform day and night in a bluntly manner, about scandals concerning sexual abuse committed by the clergy. They did not even spare the Pope’s brother that has been accused. Immediately, they announced, horrified, the catastrophe occurred in Rio de Janeiro, and the deaths of the President of Poland and some members of his delegation. Analyze it because it does not surprise me!
Nice: we arrived by helicopter, a conventional way of transportation. The view is marvelous! We flew over the Mediterranean Sea, of an intense emerald color. The city is also very pretty, but we could not appreciate it properly, because the moment to go back home was approaching. Then we returned to...
Paris. We completed the rides with new and fast walks. At dusk we hit towards the Charles de Gaulle airport. The trips were calm and here we are, exhilarated, happy and feeling dazzled with the experiences that we will also Keep in our Memories.


Disneyland, April 10, 2010

Cosmic manifestation.

Moving throughout the Universe, I visited Galaxies and Galaxies looking for one in particular, which I finally found. I was told that in the core of a nucleus there was a palace of incalculable dimensions, residence of a Queen who longed to be just a princess. It was so, because her humility was stronger than the dynasty she carried on. I went to meet her and I was surprised to find out that she lived together with her subjects, treating them as equals. She played with all of them, she prepared food and she was eager to please them; it was one of her strongest characteristics: to make others happy.
Magnificent gardens she cared for by herself, the Queen had sketched. Before her, I leaned over and reverenced, because it must never be forgotten that a Queen cannot be a Queen, without a reason. Once I gave her my respects, while looking at her eyes, I noticed sadness. I could not contain myself and asked: do you want to tell me which torments afflict you? Why so much bitterness?
She remained silent and her eyes moistened. In view of that silence, I observed her in the most minimal details that I Recorded in my Memories. Again, I reverenced, I left and continued to travel. Some time later, I learned that she cultivated roses. Another rare fact! A Queen does not bend, does not handle soil or get her hands dirty. But she was different. I returned and I began to observe her without her perceiving it. She worked tirelessly until she saw her garden covered with beautiful buttons that she trusted, would be covered with open flowers. She went to bed late, and when she fell asleep she dreamed of it, hardly able to rest. When she awoke, she ran to meet the little ones. With pure and fresh water, she watered their roots. The sparkle of her eyes bathed them with stars, providing the roses with the strength to bloom and to show velvety petals sooner. Thus, she hoped to see them grow up, perfume and adorn the garden. It was one morning that, while opening the window to greet her little plants, she came across the desired surprise. The rose tree had grown and it was spreading a mild flowery scent of flowers. Jumping of joy, she dressed, and ran across the palace, forgetting to put on her gleaming crown. Like a child, she slipped down the stairs´ handrail to arrive faster and give vent to the happiness she felt. On arriving there, emotioned, she wrapped around the rose garden. But... She felt a lacerating pain! She looked at her arms and perceived hundreds of thorns stuck in them. Without releasing it, she looked at it sadly and said:
Oh rose tree! I have been looking after you for such a long time. I did not bargain my Love. I employed my strengths in you, without asking for anything in return, but to see you turn into flowers! Why did you hurt me? Is this the way you reward my affection ? With wounds? You were not grown by a simple gardener. Have you forgotten that I left the pomp and bended to give you strength? Do I deserve the pain you are causing me? And the rose garden answered:
Actually, I will never be able to deny I got your Love and care. The fact is that as you are not carrying your crown, it is impossible to recognize you, and in my stupidity, I concluded that I am as important as you are, and it was an obligation to lean before me.

So it was that way that the rose garden faded and extinguished the beauty it will not acquire by itself.


Melodic caresses received from a daugther.

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Dear Friend,
You know well that sometimes, in spite of everything, I feel lonely.
Dear Friend,
This letter I am writing, is just to tell you: I want to be with you.
Dear Friend,
Despite the distance, I still preserve the fragrance of your laughter and your joy.
Dear Friend,
I would leave what I have, to feel your hand in my hand for a moment,

for a caress dear Friend... my Mother.

Today, I remember you more than ever, and my heart is missing you.
I want to ask you so many questions. Nothing is easy without your help.
Because your life was my life, that point of arrival and Departure.
Because you will be, for as long as I live, a Love that cannot be forgotten.
Because you have suffered by my side when you saw me defeated.
It is so much what I owe you, and I have never said I love you!

Dear Friend,
It took me so long to tell you what I feel, because I was thinking only of my life!
Dear Friend,
I would change what I have to be by your side just a moment on this day,
for a word dear Friend...
My Mother!



New book

It was hard for me to write it, and it was finished months ago. I had difficulties in completing it because I was forced to recall an entire life filled with sorrows, injustices and traps caused by elements that allowed themselves to set their inhumane miseries free and throw them against me, when my only purpose is to help the unprivileged ones who pass through this planet, clamouring and begging heavens to aid their anguishes.
I tried to prevent them from further kneeling. I gave - and I will continue doing so - the Answers, and the price the Darkness charged me, was extremely high! Even so, I paid what I do not owe, without complaining, as: INSIDE THE LIGHT-LOVE-TRUTH ENERGY and inside my physical consciousness, no debts, remorse or regrets will be Detected. Possibly, those who are the least analytic ones will wonder about the reasons: why didn’t the Individualities, who are in contact with me and Work in my behalf, hinder the charges? The answers are simple, so are the reasons, which - though summarized -, I will provide:
By fulfilling my Mission, I am breaking the rules imposed by the Opponents of the Truths. Demystifying the Shadows who disguise as Light. Removing thousands of Energies from the agony, and Raising them towards the Path of their True Origins. Warning constantly about the future that awaits humanity. Trying, by all means accepted by dignity, to make them reject any, and all kinds of violence in a radical way. Teaching that it is urgent to claim for their rights, even on this plane, in order not to continue downcast when the moment of the Final Judgment arrives. Never leaving behind the energetic value that the so called human beings worry little or nothing about, as they are busy with their physical appearances (except when there is a need of being healthy); this remind me of a quotation: "Outside, a beautiful guitar, inside,... moldy bread." Warning about the harm that they are inflicting themselves. Above all: Honouring THE LIGHT, cohabiting in a world that belongs to the Darkness. Besides, My cosmic Friends can intervene up to a point. Afterwards, They would be transgressing the Universal Laws.

The decision to go on is mine, and I will continue doing so until my last breath.

I decide then, not to make the book Mêmore public, asking for the readers´ comprehension, who have sent requests to obtain it, and promising to cite parts that I consider relevant.
Finishing this clarification, I repeat what I was told a long time ago, and I adapt it:










LONDRINA MAY 28th, 2010.

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